To get more customers and bring strong

To get more customers and bring strong retention to the platform, Snaptrude has introduced a new version of its product, called Sketch to BIM. As its name suggests, the update enables users to create 3D BIM models from the initial sketch phase of a construction project, allowing for greater control over the design process and presenting an enhanced data stack on top. This will let users replace their existing design tools and consider Snaptrude the ultimate solution.


“We have actually proven with dozens and dozens of global firms that were able to replace it and work in their ecosystem — not just for test use cases but for their actual production use cases where they designed real buildings using the platform,” Ganihar said.


Snaptrude is also adding AI to help bring more efficiency. However, since designing and architecture involve copyrights, the startup is using existing base models, such as LLaMAs and GPTs, on top of the legacy knowledge of firms to offer them its AI integration alongside ensuring their data privacy.


The legacy knowledge, Ganihar explained, is what firms have used in their existing projects. The startup will utilize AI to resurface that knowledge through text-based prompts to provide access to the required information.


“That data is enough for firms to start making decisions . . . All of these are pretty standard, and you can start reusing them in your new designs,” he told TechCrunch.