Snaptrude offers a modern

Snaptrude offers a modern, cloud-based software suite targeting architects, designers, developers and contractors to design and build their buildings in a collaborative and interoperable environment in real time. This is unlike legacy tools, such as Autodesk’s Revit and AutoCAD, where users do not get dedicated controls and features to collaborate with their colleagues or get interoperability, the startup said.


The platform works as an operating system for design and construction workflows, similar to how Figma functions for designers. Even though the problem is well-known and documented by various designers, architects and other stakeholders in the building information modeling (BIM) domain, Snaptrude is a rare New Age startup offering a full-fledged alternative to traditional solutions.


Be it a file coming from Revit, Rhino or SketchUp or from a simple PDF, Snaptrude can process design drafts from any of the largely used platforms. Likewise, designers can export their designs from Snaptrude to Revit, without any data loss, the startup said.


Founded in 2017, Snaptrude launched its platform out of beta earlier this year — after testing and getting feedback from thousands of users around the world. The startup is now looking to bring it to the next level.


“The product development velocity has been up to the point where we have started seeing dozens and dozens of firms globally who are working with us on a very close basis to be able to drive adoption. And that has really impacted the global visibility of what Snaptrude is about to do,” said Altaf Ganihar, founder and CEO of Snaptrude, in an interview.