Figuring out how to better manage engineers

Figuring out how to better manage engineers is often approached like more of an art than a science. Over the decades, engineering management has undoubtedly become more agile and data-driven, with automated data gathering improving performance. But in the past few months, the evolution of AI — specifically, predictive AI — has thrown management processes into a new era.


Predictive AI analyzes data to foresee possible future patterns and behaviors. It can automatically set goals based on real-time data, generate recommendations for improving teams’ performance, and process far more information than was possible before.


I want to encourage all other engineering management and intelligence platforms to start using AI, so we can collectively move into a new era. No business wants to lose profits or market share because of bad management.


We now have the data and the technology to turn engineering management from an art into a science. This is how engineering leaders can use AI to manage their teams and achieve more with less.