A hugely-deserved achievement

A hugely-deserved achievement for one of our most incredible executives. While we will all of course miss her greatly (especially me), we recognize what an amazing opportunity this is for Lidiane in becoming a public company CEO. And all the more so at Bumble, a truly great company, with great values that we admire dearly,” Benioff said in the statement.


Slack seemed to be doing well under Jones, and people liked her, according to IDC analyst Wayne Kurtzman. “Slack appears to have increased revenues in recent quarters. Lidiane Jones commands loyalty within Slack, but we do not always have control of when opportunities arise,” he told TechCrunch, adding, “The next CEO will have to both garner loyalty of the Slack team and bring the product to the next level, both within the Salesforce ecosystem and as a standalone product.”


A source told TechCrunch that the chatter internally on Slack suggests Kurtzman was right, with employees wishing Jones well, and like Benioff, sad to see her leaving for Bumble. Regardless, it is certainly unusual for an executive to announce she’s leaving just 10 months into her tenure, and Leary said it had to be a shock, considering the amount of time she had been on the job.


“I don’t know, but I think this has to be a surprise, given it’s been less than a year and there was a lot of fanfare made when they announced her taking over the helm from Butterfield,” Leary said.