The world is watching the humanitarian

The world is watching the humanitarian crisis in Gaza unfold in real time through firsthand accounts documented on, of all places, Snapchat.


Israel has retaliated against Hamas’ October 7 attack with unprecedented force against the Palestinian territory, claiming over 9,000 Palestinian lives according to Gaza Health Ministry numbers reported by the Associated Press.


The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that at least 30 journalists have been killed since Israel’s bombardment and total blockade of the region began, and journalists in Gaza say that without consistent access to food, water and power, it’s becoming “impossible” to continue reporting. Misinformation about the escalating violence is rampant on social media.


Amid calls for a ceasefire, TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) users are urging followers to view the devastation of Gaza for themselves on Snap Maps, which has displayed hot spots throughout northern Gaza since the Israeli airstrikes started last month. You don’t need an account to view Snap Map — the desktop version of the map is publicly accessible.


“Snap Maps is a WEALTH of real-time information and is an important source for all journalists who aren’t on the ground right now,” X user inejmydarling posted.