OpenAI is cozying up to India’s AI

Shark fintech soup: SumUp, the fintech darling catering to small businesses, is throwing €285 million into its survival kit to brave the fintech tempest.

While it’s planting flags in new markets and adding shiny features to its payment arsenal, the funding landscape looks as inviting as a shark tank.

Despite boasting a sunnier EBITDA outlook, their customer tally hasn’t budged in two years. Fintech’s a tough gig, folks.

OpenAI invests in India: In a bold move, OpenAI is cozying up to India’s AI scene by enlisting Rishi Jaitly, Twitter India’s ex-chief, to be their local eyes on the ground.

They’re reportedly moving toward a team setup in India but don’t have an official presence yet — just a freshly minted trademark. Jaitly is helping OpenAI navigate India’s complex policy landscape.