Like other options in its segment

Like other options in its segment, Snaptrude’s platform is available under a freemium model. A number of its initial users are very early enterprise customers who are expanding their accounts over time and moving from the free version to its paid option. Similarly, the startup has expanded its presence to a few dozen enterprise customers globally and counts Hines, WeWork and Square Yards in its customer base.


To get more customers and bring strong retention to the platform, Snaptrude has introduced a new version of its product, called Sketch to BIM. As its name suggests, the update enables users to create 3D BIM models from the initial sketch phase of a construction project, allowing for greater control over the design process and presenting an enhanced data stack on top. This will let users replace their existing design tools and consider Snaptrude the ultimate solution.


“We have actually proven with dozens and dozens of global firms that were able to replace it and work in their ecosystem — not just for test use cases but for their actual production use cases where they designed real buildings using the platform,” Ganihar said.