Green says Appetite’s target demographic

Green says Appetite’s target demographic is 25 to 34 year olds because he believes this age group represents food lovers who regularly dine out and are open to culinary exploration. The startup’s decision to target this group is backed by a combination of its own marketing insights and third-party data, Green says.


“Going forward, we have our sights set on capturing the attention of the 18-24 age demographic,” Green said. “We see that this age group’s dining habits are heavily influenced by content creators, especially those on TikTok. As we begin to weave creator-generated video content into Appetite’s platform, we expect to align our marketing strategies to resonate with this influential and growing audience.”


Appetite recently closed a $2 million seed round in September from a few angel investors, including Sarah Maxwell, Jonathan Grad, Alok Oberoi and Lisa Tchenguiz. The startup is using the funding to accelerate growth and bring on talent in marketing, product development and strategic partnerships to expand its 17-person team.


In terms of the future, Appetite plans to add additional features in coming months. The startup is currently developing a discord-style community feature that will allow users to request and share recommendations, post reviews, and organize food-related events. The company also plans to integrate video reviews into the platform by working with its own pool of content creators and influential foodies.