Boox also sent the Tab Mini C

Boox also sent the Tab Mini C, which is the latest in their line of color e-readers, as well as a larger and more capable tablet with a stylus and pertinent productivity tools. Though this side of things has improved over the last few years, I still simply don’t see the utility in this class of device. The color is okay, but muted, making content like comics feel less exciting. I’m using their shot because mine all turned out bad.


The refresh rate isn’t fast enough to watch movies or TV, and although the stylus and sketching are extremely responsive, the compact size limits its usefulness as far as taking notes or annotating documents. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the device, but that I can’t seem to identify who it is for, given its competition.


I look forward to a passive display with the kind of color we see in LCDs, but I’m worried after all these years that it may just not be possible. To be sure, this little tablet is much, much better than the ones I saw a few years ago, and certainly more responsive. But if you can have something dedicated to monochrome documents and notes like a Kobo Elipsa or reMarkable, or a color content master like the iPad, it feels like this class of device just doesn’t have a place in the lineup yet.