As an independent company

As an independent company, AMP’s scope grew to include power management for everything from autonomous rideshare vehicles to drones and hyperloop-style transport, according to now-deleted pages that are retrievable via the Internet Archive. To that point, AMP hardware boss Jiaqi Liang previously worked at Virgin Hyperloop.


Ford will bring on the “majority” of AMP’s employees, Bergg said. This includes AMP founder Anil Paryani, who will report to Ford EV development boss Alan Clarke within the Model e unit. Clarke and Paryani previously worked together on Tesla’s engineering team, overlapping for about five years.


It appears that AMP’s COO, Lionel Selwood Jr., will not join Ford, per the executive’s LinkedIn profile.


Paryani said in a statement that the AMP team is looking “forward to helping accelerate EV adoption with Ford’s manufacturing muscle and know-how behind us.” He said he was “super stoked” to share the news.


Bergg added that Ford is “focused on accelerating EV adoption and improving charging experiences,” and this particular deal is about “accelerating that effort.”


AMP’s lead investors included Marco Marinucci of Hella Ventures, Alex Moore at 8VC and Josh Grehan of Helios Climate Ventures.