Arrival’s efforts in Charlotte

Arrival’s efforts in Charlotte are also in question.


Axios Charlotte reported in August 2023 that Arrival removed a sign from its offices there, noting they looked empty. The company said it maintained a diminished presence in the city, adding that it “is committed to maintaining our North American headquarters in Charlotte.” Also that month, Arrival announced that it would report its Q2 2023 results in “early September.” It didn’t.


More layoffs arrived in October, affecting “up to approximately 25%” of its workers. By this point, Arrival’s lack of transparency made its workforce size unclear.


While researching this story, Arrival’s website went down temporarily for maintenance. According to a Reddit group dedicated to Arrival, the same thing happened a week or so earlier.


UPS confirmed that Arrival has not provided the company with commercialized production vehicle as of early November. Arrival has not responded to repeated requests for information from TechCrunch.


Arrival raised around $1 billion to totally rethink how the auto industry makes cars. It pitched its small local hubs as the way of the future; a cheaper, scalable vision for the next generation of EVs. Yet Arrival hasn’t produced a single commercial production vehicle, and its market cap now sits around $20 million.